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It's good to be back....

By now most of the High Street will have reopened

Hopefully by now most retail outlets will have returned to business. The media has been full of pictures this week, some showing responsible social distancing and safe practices and others just showing that mob rule has taken over. In general the public have adapted quite well to the new normal and keeping safe seems to be the number one priority. Their main concern is that they are entering a safe environment so it's important to adhere to the protocols suggested by the Health & Safety Executive.

Updates suggest that gloves should only be for single usage and that it is wrong to wear the same pair all day. Far better to wash your hands more frequently. Sanitiser spray should be available and it's use encouraged and , very important, try not to have direct contact with customers. Allow them to place items on your counter for you to pick up. Do the same in reverse when they come to collect. If we all seek to maintain these procedures we may help prevent a second spike. Stay Safe.

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