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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose a SOMSR registered shoe repairer?
All SOMSR members are time served shoe repairers who take a pride in their work and use good quality materials,


2. What should I do if I am dissatisfied with the work or service from one of your members?
If you are unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion with our member directly then contact us on the form on this website and we shall attempt to mediate.


3. Do your members cut keys?
Most of our members are highly skilled key cutters. Please visit the page of your nearest member on this site to see the range of services that they offer.


4. Is your members’ work guaranteed?
All our members use good quality materials that are guaranteed to provide reasonable wear. Clearly some people are heavier than others on their shoes so a specific time frame is impossible.


5.  Why repair my shoes instead of buying new?

Wear:      The sole and heel materials used by shoe repairers are often better than those used by shoe manufacturers.
Saving:    A shoe repair is normally cheaper than new shoes.
Grip:        Shoe repair materials are normally “non slip”.
Comfort:  Your shoes are worn in and comfortable, why change them?
Green:     Repairing shoes is better than casting them into landfill.


6.  How can I become a member of SOMSR?

To become a member of the Society of Master Shoe Repairers you must pay a yearly fee. You can do this by downloading one of our application forms and sending it to our address. Once the application has been processed you will be a full member of the Society. 


7.  What are the benefits of being a member?

Members of SOMSR are granted access to our member’s only section on the site. The members only section contains information and updates that might affect them such as tax, workers’ rights and pay. Legal support is also available to members who need it. Upon completion of application a poster will be sent out of proof of membership, this can be displayed on the shop window to assure new store visitors that the store is part of the Society. The members will also receive advertising on our website with pictures and descriptions. There will be networking opportunities available. 


8. How much does membership cost?

Membership is a one off payment for your annual subscription costing £125. Any other purchases such as design work will be heavily discounted with purchase of membership. 


9.  Who can become a member?

Anyone who owns a shoerepair store, are reliable and friendly, can become a member. If you own more than one store you can add your license to all your stores costing an additional £50 per store. This means that all your stores will be advertised on the SOMSR site and you will be given a poster display to put in your store to prove that you are a SOMSR member. 


SOMSR believe that it is our duty to promote and support hard working stores that are genuinely passionate about shoe repair and aim to never promote a store that might harm the SOMSR reputation. 


10. How long will it take to approve my application after I've posted it?

Depending on what service you used to deliver your application, once we have received this it could take up to 2 weeks.


11.  I've made my application, how do I set up my online account?

Your online account can be set up once your membership has been approved. Once you send your application off click 'member’s area' and make yourself an account. Upon approving your application, we will then approve your member’s only account. If you have made an application within the last four weeks and your account has not been approved then please contact us so we can approve this for you.


12. Can I cancel my membership?

As you pay annually, you cannot cancel your membership. Your membership will be valid from the day your online account has been approved. You account will not be approved until we have received full payment. If you are closing one of your stores, you can move the membership to a different store.


13.  Why should I trust SOMSR members?

SOMSR is here to assist buyers in choosing a good, reliable shoe repairer. We make sure our members complete a full application form before becoming a member. Buyers are encouraged to contact SOMSR if they found a repairer to be providing a poor service. Once receiving such message, SOMSR will then contact the repairer and offer support and solutions to resolve the issue. 



14. Can I be removed as a SOMSR member?

SOMSR encourage buyers and consumers to contact the site with any feedback regarding shore repairers. Members that receive positive feedback will receive a banner near the advertisement linking to the customer feedback. Any negative feedback will be reviewed by SOMSR and the appropriate action taken. If multiple negative feedbacks are received then we will contact the repairer and advise them that they will need to start resolving the issue before they are removed from the SOMSR site.


If you own multiple stores and negative feedback is repeatedly given to one then only one store will be removed. SOMSR is happy to give advice for customer service standards and legal issues. 



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